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Teaching couples to dance for over a decade…
I make it simple, fun and relaxed – so you step into the spotlight with confidence!  
We will create a beautiful dance customized to your wedding song in only 1 or 2 lessons.  
Private lessons that fit your schedule, in your home or in my studio.

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Your first dance as husband & wife should be filled with all the romance that brought the two of you together - but couples often feel unprepared for their wedding dance...Here are some common questions I address:


We put this off to the last minute – can you help us?
With all you have to think about, you may have put off learning to dance until the last minute...But what you learn with me will be easy to understand & simple to execute. You’ll be dancing in
no time.

How long does it take to learn how to dance?
Every couple learns to dance at a different pace. It depends on their experience, patience, and how much time they can practice.

We have two left feet! Can we really expect to learn to dance comfortably at our wedding?
Any couple can learn to dance for their wedding with the right instruction and a little patience.  It just takes information and some practice… If you can walk, you can dance.

My future husband is nervous about dancing at our wedding…
Many grooms are nervous about dancing. But they usually begin to enjoy it when they realize they are in charge - they're leading! - and that dancing is just a skill that can be acquired.


How will we be able to relax while dancing in front of all of our guests?
You will feel most relaxed if you feel prepared. So make arrangements to start learning with me a few weeks prior to your wedding; make time to practice between lessons, to your actual song.

What should we wear when we practice?
It’s nice to be relaxed when you practice, so wear whatever you are comfortable in. But closer to the wedding day, you should practice in the actual shoes you will be wearing. The bride should consider practicing in her slip, underskirt or garment that approximates the fit of the wedding dress.

Should we try to memorize a routine?
Probably not. Your wedding day is likely to be a whirlwind of activity. Do you really want to worry about choreography with all the other things that will be going on that day? However, it may be nice to plan a turn or dip at the beginning or end of the dance.

How will we be able to remember all that we will learn in a private lesson?
I will give you a handout describing some dance moves and turns. Also, you may want to bring a video camera to record some of what you have learned.


What do we need to consider in choosing our first dance?
It is always best to dance to a song that you love, regardless of the dance style - you are most likely to dance well to something you enjoy. Then I will help you hear the beat in your song, and find what kind of dancing works for you and goes with your song. There are no rules except that you both must feel comfortable!

What are popular first dance songs?
I can provide lists of songs – a good one is available on the internet at We can also talk about the kind of song that would work best for your wedding.  

How can we conquer our fear of our first dance? 
Your friends and relatives aren't looking at the steps you do - they're looking at the joy on your faces. If you just keep smiling, no one will notice any uncertainties. Most of the general public doesn't know how to dance - even if you just remember your basics, you know more than they do. 

How do we start and end our dance without feeling awkward? 
If your dance has an introduction - an opening section without a vocal - you can use that time to walk onto the floor. If there is no introduction, you can decide on a point in the music where you will begin, and practice that so you look and feel smooth. A good way to end your dance is to do a simple dip or lean - it's easy to learn. Or, the groom can roll the bride into an embrace and you can kiss. If you plan to have members of yourwedding party join you on the floor, you don't need to worry about ending your dance in a formal way. Just stop, give each other a small bow/curtsey - or a kiss - and resume with the new partner.

How long should our first dance be? 
The first dance should last about 3 minutes. (Professional competition dancers dance for no more than this, so certainly you don't need to dance longer.) If you go too long it may become repetitive and uncomfortable. Ask your band leader or DJ to provide the right length version of your song. 

How can family and guests join the bride & groom on the dance floor? 
There are several ways you can invite guests to join you on the floor. If you wish to have only parents or wedding party members, arrange it ahead of time; you might even do a run-through at the rehearsal dinner. If you want to include all of your guests, have the bandleader, DJ, best man or maid of honor announce the invitation at the appropriate time. You might want to ask a few good friends prior to the event to be "ringers" in the crowd - friends who are prepared to leap to their feet at the big moment, so that there's no pause.

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